Miniwebs.co.za is an affordable website design company, offering all the services needed to get your website designed, up and running and Search Engine Optimized, there for the world to
click on and to take on your services. We specialize is SEO, which means, not only will your website look great, but also get the hits your business deserves! Welcome to our website ...
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> 1 - 10 Webpages
(using our discretion)
> Domain Name
> Online Feedback Form
> Sitemeter
> 12 Months Free Hosting
(R960/annum thereafter)
> Free changes / updates to your website
(photo's, text, rates, small additions)
> Free submission to Google, Yahoo,
  MSN, Aardvark & Ananzi
Welcome to Miniwebs web design company. We specialize in search engine optimization and web / graphic design for Businesses all over South Africa and worldwide. We develop websites…from a 1 - page ‘electronic brochure’… up to 10 pages and more if required. All design / graphic work is carried out in our own “in-house Web Design Studio“... established as Miniwebs South Africa.

As you may have noticed already... the internet is becoming more and MORE popular! - friends are talking about "this" website and "that" website ... TV ads, Radio Ads, Magazines, newspapers are all quoting their websites addresses ... FACEBOOK has become enourmous as well as so many other websites!
Millions of People from all over the world are on the internet everyday looking up information and if
your business does not have a website, then how are these people going to find your services / products online?! ... instead, internet surfers are finding other websites that may be in competition with you! So enough said - with the Internet industry BOOMING, it is obvious that having a website, is very important!!

The Package Special above includes everything to get a website up and running (Hosted too)! Popular for businesses who don't have a website. Click on the "More Info" button for details.
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Recently, businesses have been struggling to cope with the latest recession that has impacted the world, including South Africa.

We have to start budgeting and no doubt, watch our expenses! Therefore, we have decided to introduce the Template Design to your left, expecially for businesses who are in serious need of cutting expenses. The design (althought, still a very stunning presentation) ... has been kept basic (hence the drop in price)... with search engine optimization included and the other pointers to the right .. this is definitly a deal not to miss out on. So contact us now and get your business a website that will ultimately increase your business.

  • 1 – 10 pages
  • Domain Name
  • Feedback Form!
  • 12 Months Free Hosting (R960 / annum thereafter)!
  • Free basic changes!
  • Site Meter
  • We fully SEO (Search Engine Optimize) your website.
  • Google SEO
  • Search Engine Submissions
  • Graphic Design
  • Get up to and minimum 1000+ hits / annum
  • More business
  • More Exposure
  • CONTACT US >>>
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Alright, you want a website for your business ... so where do we start?
Firstly you are going to have to look for a designer who can develop the type of website you require.
Now searching can be quite difficult because:

1) There are a lot of web designers out there that offer different packages with different prices!
So who do you choose?

2) You have heard of, and are aware that there are plenty of freelance web designers out there that rip people off! IE: They are quick to take your money but do not deliver the goods they promised!
Who do you trust?

3) Their Portfolio simply does not convince you to take on their services.

So by taking these 3 factors into consideration - this certainly does look like a difficult task! ... But there is an easier solution to conquer the quest of finding yourself a web designer that you can trust, and feel comfortable with - hopefully without blowing a hole in your pocket at the same time.
The solution is to contact the web designers clients. Ask them what the web developers service is like! Ask them questions to give the answers you need for you to decide who you are going to take on!

But your Search for a Designer is over ...
Since you are reading this ... you can now relax because your search for a web designer is most likely over. Us, Miniwebs provides South Africa an excellent web design, SEO & Hosting service for all types of business. We are experienced, affordable, quick, efficient and good at what we do!
Please browse our website for more information and please do visit our portfolio to see some of our developments that may catch your eye.

3 Simple steps to getting your own
website designed
Contact us
Fill in our online form, so that we can get your details. This will give us a basic idea of what your business is about and we will answer other questions you may have to ask. We will get back to you which will take us to STEP 2 below:
We will then send you a "what-to-do" email - giving clear instructions of what to email us. Once we have received all the information you would like on your website, we will then begin the project of developing your website ... Letting you know when approximately we will finish your draft design. This will bring us to STEP 3 below:
You will be given a testing website address for you to browse what we have designed for you, and at the same time, allowing you to also check for mistakes and changes etc. Once you are 100% happy with the site ... Upon payment we will then launch it onto your domain name, add a sitemeter, and submit your website to search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN, Ananzi and Aardvark.
Miniwebs South Africa is an experienced web design company and we always takes pride in our work. We don't just design websites for our clients because its our job ...we also design websites because we enjoy it, and we strive to make an unbelievable web design portfolio, that we can be proud of!

What we look at when we design your company/business a website:

We look at Domain names, Web Design, Presentation, Meta Tags (Search Engine Optimization), Hosting as well as making sure you are happy with what we have developed, BEFORE you pay! When you read below, you will notice how much we take Search Engines into consideration.

Domain Names:
First thing we do is look for an appropriate / logical / suitable Domain Name for your businesses website. We will tip you on what we think is the best Domain Name for you, always keeping in mind that keywords in domain names are very important regarding search engines! We will always recommend .co.za domain names, simply because this is South African related, but we do also register.com domain names. Once you have chosen your Domain Name, we will then go ahead and register the name upon your approval, so that it is secure with us and cannot be registered by someone else, while we are in progress, developing your website.

Web Design:
Miniwebs South Africa makes sure that your web design has a good layout. A good layout means that your website will be user friendly, more compatable and easy for "spiders" from search engines, to crawl your website and pick up the nessecary keywords and information. We do not use frames or flash presentation in our web design simply because its known to "block" "spiders" from reading further into your websites text information.So Miniwebs South Africa only does static web design. A high number of tables within tables is also not a good idea for web design. Why? ... because, search engine "spiders" battle to access text information thats "deep" within those tables. Miniwebs South Africa, of course makes sure that our web design does not have that problem.

Miniwebs South Africa, always urges clients to send high quality / professional, if not, at least decent looking photo's of their business to make their web design / website have that attraction that their business deserves. Good photo's makes a website look Good. Bad photo's (over exposed / under exposed / poor quality photo's) will definitly bring down your websites presentation a lot. We do touch up photo's clients send us, for a better presentation for their web design, but theres 'so much' one can do to a photo.
Whats great about hosting with Miniwebs South Africa, is that if you would like to replace photo's on your website with improved ones, we will do this service for free. See Hosting below for more details and our web design package on our services page.

Meta Tags (Search Engine Optimization / SEO)
Miniwebs South Africa
web design company, makes sure that each of our website designs are fully Search Engine Optimized! Ranking on the 1st page is everyones goal, although obtaining this page rank is something all designers cannot guarentee on any search engine. Reason being is because hundreds of website are been indexed and crawled daily ... all wanting top position on the search engine rankings, so there is a lot of tough competition out there.
But, the key to meta tags is to cleverly phrase your keywords to match what your target market would type in search engines to find the product/service you provide.
When Miniwebs South Africa develops your website, the first thing we do is full in the meta tags: TITLE, DESCRIPTION, KEYWORD meta tags...
and once we are finished with your web design development... we then go through your website again, to fill in all the other nessecary meta tags, links that help with ranking on search engines.

Hosting with Miniwebs South Africa, has its benefits, where we do changes to basic information on your website (photo's, text, rates, and other minor changes) for no charge - only of course, if you host your website with Miniwebs South Africa. Please visit services page for prices and more information.

All in all, Miniwebs South Africa Web Design company provides an exellent, helpful, speedy, professional and affordable service to all new and existing clients.

Welcome to Miniwebs SOUTH AFRICA!
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ASP (Application Service Provider)
Usually Internet-type organizations/ businesses that have their own servers, whereby they are able to offer/run various applications & internet-based access to the public at large. Some offer free services, however...most reputable ASP's usually charge a fee. Typical examples of ASP services are Data-bases, Calendar systems, Mapping systems, etc., etc.

This is the 'volume-of-information' that you are allowed to send/receive/download through a connection. This is measured in bits-per-second (bps.) Therefore it is important to understand your maximum 'capacity' levels when taking on an ASP company. This is what determines your final costs - Bandwidth! fast modems can transfer approx. 57,000 bits per second. Streamline video/ video clips require approx. 10,000,000 bits per second.

CSS Style is usually used in websites, if a web designer wants a specific format/appearance/text/style for certain sections of a website. These CSS styles can be configured and changed to a web designers preference and large websites with hundreds of webpages, usually use related CSS styles for specific content, through out their entire website.

DHTML (Dynamic HyperText Markup Language)
These webpages are very complex... that include a combination of scripts, CSS style sheets, HTML, creating user friendly features, making a website have different dynamic functions.

Domain Names:
Domain names are addresses on the internet. Each of them are unique and lead to different content on the world wide web (www). Domain names can point/redirect to other domain names if a company/business owns more than 1 domain name.
Generic/logical domain names that include revelant keywords is important for the search engine "Spider" that crawls for keywords, not only on your websites content, but also on your domain name.

FTP (File Transfer Protocol)
This "transfer" is a method of moving files from either a computer to an Internet website, (and vice versa) or moving files from a website to another website.
This is most commonly used by web designers... who develop websites and upon completion, they transfer these websites files to a folder up on the domain name (ie: up on the internet)
FTP does involve a password and username for security purposes so that not anyone can intrude and remove files etc.

In order for the public to view your website, you first have to house it on a server, accessible online 24 hours per day, seven days a week. We Monitor your website and make sure everything is in running order.

HTML -- (HyperText Markup Language)
This is a coding language used by web designers to create webpages. There are different codes which indicate different appearances and properties for text, layout, CSS styles, scripts etc. HTML codes use a standard PLAIN font, and no fancy font formats. Some web designers only work in HTML code to design a website, which requires a great amount of knowledge on the language and how it works.

ISP (Internet Service Provider)
Internet company that provides a service for people who want access to the internet.

Invented by Sun Microsystems.
Java is a very complex program used to build a multiple of different software with different functions. Example are Audio/video players, web browsers, applications in electronic devices, etc.

Meta tag
Meta, meaning "about this subject" ... is HTML information that is used on most websites to help categorize the webpage in its revelant category. Typical meta tags used are called, TITLE meta tags, DESCRIPTION meta tags and KEYWORD meta tags. The TITLE been the most important met tag. Meta tags are "hidden" in the "head" of a website, ie: cannot visually be seen by a surfer.

PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor)
PHP ... is a program used to communicate with the servers software, to either send/retrieve information or both, while you are still on the webpage. PHP is used with HTML websites to make a website more dynamic with information the website has to offer.
About Miniwebs: Web design company in South Africa, We design websites, host and look after your website. Our team of professional web designers are very experienced in web design and we take the time to make sure your website is fully SEO, search engine optimized.
Some people get confused and call websites, webpages. A webpage is a page within a website. Please visit our portfolio page and you will see some of our web designs, our designers have developed. Miniwebs is passionate about their web designing and we will do our out most best to making sure your website is to your satisfactory! - Miniwebs, South Africa's web designers.

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