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Welcome to Miniwebs

We specialize in Web development, mobile friendly websites (responsive websites), search engine optimization (SEO) and web / graphic design for all types of businesses in South Africa, neighbouring countries and around the globe. We develop websites from as small as a 1 page 'electronic brochure' up to 20 pages and more if required. All web design + graphic work is carried out in our own "in-house Web Design Studio" established as Miniwebs South Africa.

As you may have noticed already the internet is becoming increasingly popular! Friends are talking about "this" website and "that" website, TV ads, radio ads, magazines, newspapers are all quoting their websites addresses. Facebook has become enourmous as well as so many other websites! Millions of people from all over the world are on the internet everyday looking up information and if your business does not have its own website - then how are these people going to find your services or products online?! Instead - they're finding other websites that are in competition with you!

With the Internet industry BOOMING, it is obvious that having a website is very important!

Why Choose us

Web Design

Since 2004, we've developed hundreds of websites for various small businesses around South Africa. With more than 13 years experience, we are excellent at using our initiative to develop an appropriate website suited to the client's type of business. Web Design is marketing and the way you present your products or services is vital for capturing your visitor's attention and keeping it. The purpose of your website is to represent your products / services in an attractive and informative presentation.

Although we specialize in the hospitality enviroment, we've also done a lot of web development for other industries from construction and beauty to NGO's.

Developing Mobile Friendly websites

Now that you and millions of others worldwide all own at least one mobile device within arms reach - a responsive / mobile friendly website for your business isn't an option anymore but more of an obligation for 2 important factors.

Over 60% of the world browse the internet using their mobile device(s), whether it be a smartphone, tablet or small laptop. With these figures rising it is very important that your business' website is developed to cater / adapt and respond to mobile devices and the various screen sizes that they come in for enhanced readability and to allow users to navigate through your website relatively easily and without difficulty. Otherwise, a frustrating browsing experience could lead a visitor or potential business elsewhere.

Another very important factor began early 2015, when Google firmly announced that they were going to fully enforce their algorhytms to prioritize mobile friendly websites to rank higher in search results above its antipode. If your rankings drop then so does business, therefore it's wise not to neglect the change in algorhyms and act upon it as early as possible (besides, who wouldn't want a mobile friendly website with the way technology is going?). With that been said, if you website isn't mobile friendly already - then not only are you far behind but your business has most likely dropped in rankings whilst your rivals who do have mobile friendly websites have benefitted.

Whenever Miniwebs develops a new website - you can be sure it'll also be mobile friendly (responsive)

Search Engine Optimized

Whenever we develop a website, we always optimize our client's website for Google and other search engines. We strictly keep to Google's SEO guidelines without implimenting any risky black-hat techniques that could result in getting banned from Google's search engines (and others).

Hosting & Support

Clientele support is part of our hosting service (as it should be) and we know that effecient and friendly support is the key to a good clientele / business relationship.

Our powerful server is fast, stable, safe and is maintained regularly for a reliable hosting 'infrastructure'.

We offer the following services when a client hosts their website with Miniwebs:

1) Full friendly support
2) Free basic changes
3) Annual domain name renewals

Print Media

Perhaps you'd also like to get some brochures, business cards or something else printed for your business and need a professional to design it? No problem! Contact us and we can discuss it from there.

Packages & Pricing


Real Deal
Website Package

Our most popular package is an attractive, sleek and a modern website design using straight edges with a personal touch. This package is recommended, and is suited for any business / industry.

  • An attractive website design that's mobile friendly (responsive)
  • 12 Months Free Hosting (R960 / annum thereafter)
  • Domain Name Registration or Domain Name Transfers to our server
  • Search Engine Optimized
  • Client Support and Free changes to website's content (this is part of our annual hosting service)
  • A Guest Reviews System (if the client wants)


100% Original design
Website Package

A truely unique and personalized website design for your business with a lot more attention to detail, making your website stand out from the rest with a 'wow' factor.

  • An attractive website design that's mobile friendly (responsive)
  • 12 Months Free Hosting (R960 / annum thereafter)
  • Domain Name Registration or Domain Name Transfers to our server
  • Search Engine Optimized
  • Client Support and Free changes to website's content (this is part of our annual hosting service)
  • A Guest Reviews System (if the client wants)


Website Package

Already have a website but is due for a serious upgrade or needs to be mobile friendly? Feeling like your current designer / host has 'left ship' and gone awol? Why not transfer your domain name to our server and let us Host + take care of your website.


*This is our annual hosting fee.
Please contact us if you'd like any other upgrades / changes to your existing website, we will quote accordingly.


Own a Business outside of South Africa and need a website?

In Namibia? UK? Australia? No Problem! There's no such thing as borders in the web development industry nor do we need passports to do business. We proudly offer web design services for businesses in South Africa and abroad, whether you're in Switzerland or Costa Rica.

No distance will seperate you from your desired finished product.


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